What is Calade Partners?

Relevant strategy. Precise direction.  

I’m asked, “What is Calade Partners?”  That’s when the elevator speech kicks in, and I quickly explain that three marketing executives from FedEx decided to take the voluntary buyout so we could go it on our own, and Calade Partners is our platform for helping companies rejuvenate their marketing process.

If we had a few more floors to go, I’d add that we are a catalyst for clarifying strategy and market position, and our services range from diagnosing your marketing capabilities and prescribing the solution, to acting as your marketing team in the absence of that capability within your company.

The Calade Partners have a combined experience of over 50 years managing complex marketing challenges.

We have led product development, branding, advertising, sponsorships and events, campaigns, customer experience design, social media, digital and interactive marketing, website design and optimization — the full gambit in a best of breed corporation.

We bring our expertise to the challenge, bring clarity to the solution, and apply the assets in the form of direction, consulting and other agency and business partners to jumpstart growth and profitability.

A tall order it may seem, but not daunting based on our past achievements at FedEx.

Visit us at www.caladepartners.com to learn more about how we are already leading clients to success.

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