Calade Partners – Insights and Reflections On Our Six Month Birthday

June 1 marks the start of our second six months in existence as Calade Partners.  After literally growing up at FedEx, making the break to start our own business was exciting and very different. “We” refers to my two business partners, Karen Rogers and Debbie Newport. We worked together in corporate marketing leadership at FedEx, managing some of the smartest, most highly motivated team members imaginable. Our peers and executive team were also world class. We enjoyed prestige and respect as a result of our positions at one of the world’s most admired companies and had resources to deploy to ensure FedEx’s brand was known and respected throughout the world. The idea of starting our own business was exciting and very different. On December 1, we launched our marketing and strategy consultancy, Calade Partners.  “Calade” is a French word for a cobblestone road.  We were embarking upon a road that would be an adventure.  We packed our boxes and said our goodbye’s to our team, office, routine, and identity.  We stepped …

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